Sample HRM Paper on workforce planning

As we aim for full employment at our organizations, what makes an organization a top employer, and conversely, what organizations we don’t want to be a part of? For example, is it an ethical organization, is the compensation adequate and fair? Does the organization respect and encourage their employees?

We know that workforce planning aims to ensure we have the right number of employees and the right skill set, in the correct locations, at the right time, in pursuit of doing things that will propel the organization, as well as the employee (workforce) in a forward direction.

Question #1 – How do we accomplish this? In what ways does this happen? For example, does it help to have a flexible workforce that consists of temporary employees, part time employees, Independent Contractors to ensure we are fully staffed at all times (or as close as possible?) Think of the hospitals and health care workers and the impact of the vaccine mandate on workforce planning?

Question #2 – After looking at Glassdoor’s article on the best places to work in 2022, choose one of the organizations and tell us why you admire them or would want to work for them?