Sample HRM Paper on The role of internships in shaping the career of students

OTHER: I will upload the word document with the Dr feedback about the literature review please adjust it and send it back to me. In the part when he says if I’m trying to do a case study about KPMG and how they help students do their internships. The answer to this is no, I’m talking about the internships in general in this research and KPMG is just an example that I’m going to ask them about it. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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PREVIOUS PAPER INSTRUCTIONS (#507060212): This is my graduation research so I need a committed writer that will be with me all the way through this semester until we finish.

My thesis is: The role of internships in shaping the career of students.

I talked with my supervisor about the research and he told we are going to start with the literature review first so I need now a literature review that answers the following:

1. what do You mean by internship?
2. Why it’s important for the companies or the government? And how?
3. How we are going to link the internship to the companies?