Sample HRM Paper on Supporting Change within Organisations

-The assignment is for the CIPD HR course so kindly refer it to ID: U309977 and if he is not available then to someone who is familiar with it.
– intro should be 100 to 150 words.
– When explaining 3 ways change affects organizations we should mention 3 external and 3 internal.
-When we choose an organization to produce a report describing the impact of change it’s preferable to chose a company within Saudi Arabia. for example BAE systems KSA.

You must write a 1500 word (+/- 10%), in which you describe the impact of change within BAE Systems (or an organisation that you are familiar with). Your report must provide an overview of the organisation of your choice (Brief description of size of organisation, sector, activities etc.) and an explanation of why your chosen organisation needs to change including a discussion of some of the internal and external factors influencing change.

Your report should also cover the way change affects organisations and their approach to change in addition to examining behavioural responses to change and how HR can support individuals during change.

Your report should be in the BAE Systems font (Tahoma) size 12 and use 1.5 line spacing, remember, tables and are not included in the word count.

Your report should follow the following format

  1. Introduction

A brief introduction to set the scene for the reader, what is this report about? Why are you writing it? What to you hope to explain? No more than 50-75 words but a good introduction creates a good first impression.

  1. Methodology

A few lines here just to explain how you gathered research for the report. Which sources of information was it primary (research you carried out yourself) or secondary (research you read about in a book) or both.

  1. Discussion & Findings

This is the main part of the report where you will explain everything you discovered during your research and you should use most of your words here.

  1. Conclusion & Recommendations

Again, just use a few lines here to summarise your findings and any implications they may have for your future career or research

  1. Appendices

If you are struggling with the word count you can attach documents here which support your report

  1. References

A list of all the books, papers websites and other sources of information you used to write your report