Sample HRM Paper on how our organization approaches people management

At this stage, I would suggest that you prepare for the course by thinking of how your
organisation and how it approaches people management. In their strategic context,
organisations need to decide what is to be done and then aim to achieve this through the
effective and efficient organisation and management of resources. Here, Henderson (2017: p1)
reminds us of the importance of people as the critical resource and the need to manage them
“Good managers are not only effective in their use of economic and technical resources, but
when they manage people they remember that these particular resources are special and are
ultimately the most important assets of the organisation. Indeed, they are the only real source
of continuing competitive advantage and the best managers never forget that these assets are
human beings”.
In QB5501, we review various ‘people management’ activities such as hiring, developing,
rewarding, and so on, and consider how best these activities might be undertaken. At the same
time, we emphasise that these effective people management activities must take place within
the strategic context of the organisation and are, or should be, seen as an integrated set of
activities that are undertaken over the long term and in accordance with the strategic vision
the organisation. We centre our focus on engaging employees.
To what extent can you see the above features of HRM playing out in your own organisation?
I will make the course as interactive as possible. I encourage you to ask questions, seek
clarifications, think about issues raised and make your views known. Before each lecture I will
make my slides and other resources available to you on MyAberdeen