Sample HRM Paper on Emdad Alkhebrat company

We are Emdad Alkhebrat company is established to provide quality manpower services to the different sectors in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Q1: A simple workplace project is identified and stated in detail.

Q2: A simple tool for determining the financial viability of the project is used showing correct calculations and justified figures.

Q3: A detailed project plan using an appropriate project planning technique is produced which includes timescales, resources, costs, and responsibility.

Q4: Several objectives and a range of targets/ milestones to monitor performance and review plans within the project are formed. The stated objectives are in SMART terms and the range of targets/milestones comprehensive cover the whole project.

Q5: Evidence in provides that a recognized project evaluation technique is used to thoroughly evaluate the project which draws clear and detailed conclusions and presents full and realistic recommendations.

Q6: Several areas where net savings can be achieved as a result of the workplace project are listed.

Q7: Several dissimilar wider non-financial implications that can result from the workplace project are identified.