Sample HR Paper on The Global HR Acquisition Plan – CHINA

The final paper is a culmination of the previous weeks’ assignments, in which you will use all the skills you have acquired throughout this course. Pull those assignments together to create a Global HR Acquisition Plan paper. A Global HR Acquisition Plan contains specific action steps and a timeline, so a company can move quickly once they secure approval for acquiring new locations in a new country. The overall goal is to retain talent and build the organization to handle new business potential. The plan should include prior assignments 1 through 4 and include three new sections of information as well. You will add the following three sections:

Executive Summary
Organizational Culture and HRM
Regulatory, Legal, and Ethical Issues

You are preparing this Global HR Acquisition Plan so the parent company can move quickly once government approval is secured for acquiring companies in CHINA. The goals are to retain talent and build capacity to handle the new business potential. Develop a Global HR Acquisition Plan that supports this international expansion to your select foreign host country (China) into its own structured plan.

Review the feedback you received and provide an executive summary, an evaluation of the organizational culture, and regulatory, legal, and ethical issues with regard to HR roles and duties.

*Use level headings to identify the major sections.

Prior to beginning work on this assignment,

Integrate the feedback you received from your assignments from Assignments 1 through 4.

Review Executive Summary Template: What To Include:

Your Global HR Acquisition Plan Assignment must consist of the following sections:

-Executive Summary
Summarize your results, conclusions, and recommendations for expanding in your selected foreign country.

-Subsidiary Country (assignment 1)
In Assignment 1, you summarized the social and business elements of your selected foreign country and analyzed how ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, and disability impacted those elements. You then evaluated the competencies necessary to work and manage effectively in this environment.

In this section, Incorporate the instructor feedback from your Assignment 1 Subsidiary Country into this section.

-Multi-Level Talent Management Plan ( assignment 2)
In assignment 2, you evaluated multi-level approaches to talent management, explaining the competencies necessary to manage employees from home headquarters, employees from your selected foreign country, and third-country nationals. You described strategies to address recruitment, selection, succession planning, and retention, explaining how the shortage of talent and the availability of low-cost labor in your selected foreign country impacted these elements.

In this section, Incorporate the instructor feedback from your Assignment 2 Multi-Level Talent Management Plan assignment into this section.

-Global Performance Management (assignment 3)

In Assignment 3, you discussed the characteristics necessary to work effectively in a global market. Specifically, you analyzed how varying demographics impacted the management of employee capabilities from a global perspective, explained employee relations strategies that overcome biases, and analyzed the challenges related to direct and indirect communication channels.

In this section, Incorporate the instructor’s feedback from Assignment 3, Global Performance Management assignment, into this section.

-Rewards and Benefits Management (assignment 4)

In assignment 4, you explained a proposed compensation structure. Specifically, you constructed a total rewards model that hedged diversity as a resource for organizational competitiveness and assessed whether a fixed benefits package or a flexible bundle would best fit these employees. In addition, you explained whether the compensation would consist of hourly, salary, or contingent base selection and explained how the elements of your compensation structure compare to that of the competition.

In this section, Incorporate the instructor’s feedback from Assignment 4, Rewards and Benefits Management into this section.

-Organizational Culture and HRM

In this section, Recommend actions to blend the United States and your selected foreign country’s organizational cultures.

Some examples of differences in organizational cultures that you may select for review include the following:

Flexibility in deployment of policies
Work-life balance
Talent retention
Acceptance of change
The use of the appraisal process as a critical assessment

-Regulatory, Legal, and Ethical Issues

In this section, Discuss any regulatory, legal, and ethical issues that may arise when developing and administering the new policies and procedures you have outlined.

Assigned Text:
Thomas, D. C., & Lazarova, M. B. (2014). Essentials of international human resource management: Managing people globally. Sage.

Must utilize academic voice.
Must include an introduction and conclusion paragraph. Introduction paragraph needs to end with a clear thesis statement that indicates the purpose of your paper.