Sample HR Paper on Hiring Practices and Legal Compliance

Hiring practice in accordance to human resource management refers to the process of identifying and building a working rapport with your future employees, suppliers, contractors, consultants, engineers and interns. Legal compliance refers to the ability of an organization or company to follow and conform to all the necessary rules and regulations required of them. Appropriate hiring practices work hand in hand with proper legal practices and all this processes in an organization are overseen by the human resource department. There are several hiring practices used by the human resource management and are as follows.

One of the effective and most commonly used hiring practices is advertisement. This is refers to the art of trying to notify people about something so that it can get their attention it is done by the human resource department through addition of an advertisement template on the company’s website to notify the public on their job offers and what is required of the public so as to get the job (Engel & Curran, 2016). In addition to usage of company’s website, other media such as televisions, radio and magazines can also be used in advertising so as to reach a large number of individuals in the public competent for the job.

Another proper hiring practice is by identification of pre-interview issues by the human resource department prior to the interview process. This is involves the preparation of a workforce diversity hiring evaluation checklist. It enables the human resource department to know from the individuals coming for the interview their ability and the impact they can make to the organization in relation to job they are seeking (Cappelli, 2019). Another pre-interview issue essential for proper hiring practices is considering different types of interviews. This will enable the human resource department get to know deeper the individual’s capabilities before they hire.

Interviewing is another commonly used hiring practice used by many organizations. This involves the official face to face meeting of an individual seeking a job, the human resource management and other important figures in an organization. Through this the human resource department gets to interrogate the job seeker with a motif of trying to know his or her competence for the job. This process is accomplished through the usage of a number of interview types such as; the usage of screen interviews whose main motif is to see if the candidate meets the basic qualification for the job (Maurer, 2017). Another interview type used is information interview this is whereby the jobseeker gets to share information with the employer without reference to the specific job his seeking (Noe et al., 2017). Behavioral interview is helpful for the human resource department to get to predict the job seekers future performance before employment. Through the interview process for it to be effective the employee is required to look and listen more and speak less. This enables the employee to know the jobseeker better character wise and partly generally.

Another hiring practice used is by setting up a search committee this enable the human resource to finalize recruitment through decision-making. In addition to this, the human resource committee can decide on the criteria of selecting the right candidate and they decide on how to handle interested candidates’ conflicts of interest.

Another hiring practice commonly used is by review the organization’s need. This is done by the hiring committee ensuring that everyone is on the same page as to what type of experience and skill the company is looking for.

Legal compliances in human resource management are essentials for the smooth running of an organization or a company. This rule and regulations helps in the maintenance of an appropriate working environment for both the employees and the outside environment. These legal compliances include; appropriate health, safety and social welfare provisions for employees this is by establishment of equipment and keeping of appropriate medicine at the employer’s company (Rhodes, 2016). The employers company should also have a full time registered nurse, part time doctor and an emergency clinic team readily available.

Another legal compliance is that a company and organization should understand the constitutional and legal framework. This is by ensuring that the management should be educated on the appropriate labor laws by the human resource department. Another legal compliance is constitutional basis whereby it is said that labor is a primary socio-economic force and it should promote the welfare of the employees. In addition to this, the employees should be fully protected.

Another legal compliance is that a company through the human resource department should be aware and ensure employees are informed on laws regarding unfair labor practices, strikes, and termination and informed on anti-sexual harassment.



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