Sample HR Management Paper on Training and Development on Organizational Performance


The aim of the article is to discuss the connection that exists between employees training as well as development and the performance of organizations. Training and development are the backbone of organizational performance as the organizational performance depends on the performance of employees. Development and training among employees improves their performance as the performance of employees depends on factors such as how satisfied employees are in the job, leadership of the organization and their expertise although there is a close connection between training of employees and their output in the organization (Khan, G., Khan, F., & Khan, M., 2011). The article states that there is necessary for the organization to organize the training that meets the needs of the employees. The organizations that develop a good training that is line with the needs of its employees gets positive results that lead to development of the organization. Thus, there is an important connection between training for employee development and performance of organizations.


Training as well as development of employees is made up of elements that lead to either positive or negative organizational performance. These elements include; the design of training, when it is done and its mode of delivery. These factors should be considered by the organizational management when offering training and development to its human resource to enhance the performance of the organization. An organization that considers these factors when offering training and development to its employees enjoys the improved performance. The article relates to the constructivism theory of training and development that states that employees should actively participate in their process of training and development. The organization should conduct training as the need of its employees to ensure they freely participate to the training and their development (Khan, G., Khan, F., & Khan, M., 2011). Also, the objective of the article is to find the link between employees training as well as development and the output of an organization, which is clearly visible when considering the elements applied.




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