Sample HR Management Paper on Self-Evaluation and Performance

Self-Evaluation and Performance

One of my worst experiences in life was when I performed poorly at the workplace, and this affected my relationship with my employers and workmates. The fact that I had to go an extra mile throughout the month to compensate for the poor performance was even more disappointing. However, employers ought to realize that they play a part in the poor performance exhibited by employees in most cases. In my situation, one of the causes of the poor performance was my inability to carry out certain responsibilities, and this was triggered by the lack of resources (Dobre, 2013). My responsibility of marketing the organization’s products and services was jeopardized by the lack of supplies and allocation of insufficient time for the same; perspectives that led to the poor performance in the long run. Another causal factor for my poor performance was the lack of motivation (Dobre, 2013). The latter determines the success or failure of an organization, and whether an organization achieves its set objectives or not. As such, the fact that I was not rewarded for my previous hard work and commitment affected my execution of duties, resulting in my poor performance.

Solving poor performance is important as it ensures that organizations make strides towards the achievement of set goals and objectives as well as competitiveness. One of the strategies that would help prevent poor employee performance in my organization in future is the provision of sufficient and necessary resources to aid in the execution of duties and responsibilities (Dobre, 2013). Through this, the lack of ability that causes poor employee performance on numerous occasions would be addressed. Moreover, by providing rewards such as promotion and salary increments for stand-out employees, the problem of poor employee performance would be dealt with in my organization (Dobre, 2013).


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