Sample HR Management Paper on Happiness plan

Happiness plan

A Happiness plan is a critical exercise in living a rich and meaningful life.  It is a roadmap to help you achieve your life’s goals. My life purpose is to learn new thing in life and school every day. Happiness to me is when I achieve some of set goals in life. I love learning.  . I am guided by the principal that happiness is not in the getting bit is in the becoming (Onderko, “Because of happy life-a healthy life”). I do not derive pleasure by accomplishments of the values and goals that I have set to achieve in life, but by savoring every moment of the process of achieving them.

I feel bad and frustrated when I am unable to achieve what I have set in learning. I feel irritated when I fail in examination yet I have spent time reading for it. I strive hard not to be deeply affected when I fail to achieve my goals.  I learn from mistakes and move on. I honor my values in life by listing them and making sure I practice them.  I love learning hence I have a personal timetable and I commit myself to it. This is because I want my life to reflect my values.

Finally, if happiness was currency, I would love teaching because in teaching, I read intensively and extensively to impart my learners with requisite knowledge. This of course will give me more wealth of happiness in my life. If lifespan would be forty years, I would make sure that I live a happy life by setting out realistic goals. My happiness is not controlled by circumstances, I create it.


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