Sample HR Management Essays on Sexual Harassment in the US

Any uninvited sexual approaches, requests for sexual favoritism, and other verbal or physical behavior of a sexual nature that tends to cause an antagonistic work environment can be considered as sexual harassment under the U.S. Constitution. The persons who feel sexually harassed can obtain lawful action against the offenders. The aggrieved person can seek legal action under Title 7 of the Universal Human Rights Act of 1964. This Act forbids sexual prejudice of any sort in the workplace. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission states that whistling at someone inappropriately can be under the classification of sexual harassment. This paper gives a brief review of the article “Female Television Reporter Accuses New York Jets of Harassment”.

If I were the senior HR for the New York Jets, I would consider the actions as sexual harassment. This is because the law is very clear and because whistling took place. The whistling took place both on the field and in the locker room and this cannot be regarded as accidental (LaMonte, 1). If it happened once, then a benefit of the doubt could be given to the players who engaged in such an activity. Overthrowing the footballs deliberately by the defensive backs coach is a clear indication of the motive behind the actions.

The first action to undertake would be to apologize to Sainz and the entire public to save the image of the team. The next thing would be to carry out disciplinary measures against those who were involved in such a primitive action. For players like Jason Taylor, they would also have to make a personal request for forgiveness to both the public and Sainz. I would recommend further investigations aimed at establishing the genesis and motive of the actions. At this time and age, cases of sexual harassment cannot be entertained anywhere in society and they should be condemned with excellent passion.



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