Sample History Paper on The Indiana State Museum

The Indiana State Museum

The Indiana State Museum is located within White River State Park situated in Indiana, USA. The museum harbors a wide range of exhibitions on culture, art, science as well as the history of Indiana. Apart from the exhibitions, the museum addresses environmental and conservation issues in a unique manner. The museum’s environment displays a natural world’s real taste. This is because the museum’s environment consists of wildlife, plants, and fossils. The museum’s management has been at the forefront in pushing people to conserve the environment. Some of the environmental issues that have in the past been addressed by the museum’s management include the prevention of environmental degradation, and animal and plant losses that occur as a result of natural and artificial disasters. The museum’s objective of conserving the environment has been achieved through the provision of education to individuals on the benefits of environmental protection and preservation. Annually, the museum hosts a Going Green Festival where people get the opportunity of planting garbage gardens and creating masterpieces that showcase recycling of art. The purpose of the annual festival is to focus on environmental conservation. During the festival, the students across Indian display their projects that champion for the conservation of the environment. Several displays are left behind at the museum as exhibitions.

The Indiana State Museum’s efforts to ensure environmental conservation are evident. Rather than the inclusion of environmentally unfriendly materials, the museum’s environment consists of wildlife, plants, and fossils. The inclusion of the materials in the museum’s environment shows a relationship to the course topics since they help ensure that the objective of preserving and conserving the environment is achieve