Sample History Paper on Syria Conflict: Amnesty says Rich Nations Failing Refugees

In the article “Syria conflict: Amnesty says rich nations failing refugees”, The BBC NEWS, MIDDLE EAST (2014) is alarmed by the Syrian plight raised by Human rights group, Amnesty International which castigates world rich nations for failing to help resettle the languishing Syria refugees, 4 years since more than 3 million and over 6.5 m internally diplsced Syrians fled conflict that erupted into civil war between President Bashar al-Assad allied forces and those opposed to his rule.

Amnesty international takes a swipe at rich nations for failing to help the abandoned Syria refugees. Amnesty decries over lack of concern and decreasing number of the nations ready to offer refuge. China, Russia and Europe nations blamed for taking small refuge compared to Germany and Sweden which have taken a good number.European nations are willing to offer only 1.7 % of 3.8 m refuge taken by Syria’s regional  neighbours. This has left the ill-prepared Syria’s neighbours to share the burden as Amnesty laments on lack of Global concern and poor response from these nations  stressing that such laxity has been occasioned by needless raised alarm over increased immigrants in Europe.

Most refugees fled to Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq Egypt,Turkey and as influx of refugees continue to strain them internationally community has fold its hand. In contast Gulf states have refused to take refugees as Amnesty notes instead of borrowing a leaf from above nations as they have same linguistic and religious ties. Countries like Singapore, South Korea and Japan thought to have upper hand in economy power  have also shunned Syria. The article succeeds in conveying the message; a call for quick intervention by the international community especially the rich nations to offer refuge to the Syrian. however, the call for ressettlement of refuge within two years is overdue as more are under threat  life and poor approach in resolving the conflict continue to derail survival of  vulnerable Syrians and therefore international and humanitarian intervention should be expedited. Also article bias that rich nations have failed Syria is ill-imformed since even “poor’ nation can help for instance Kenya does host world’s large refugee camp in Dadaab, what matters is geographical significance like the article points out that the ‘Gulf states should has been on the forefront to offer resettlement due to their linguistic and religious ties.’                 Genesis of Syria conflict:

Failure by the government to contain protest sparked by arrest and toture of school tenages over painting revolutionary slogan on school wall saw resultant violence snowball into civil war as rebel forces fought against government for control of the country. The conflict took another twist rising into sectarian conflict between majority Sunni against the President’s Shia Alawite sect as neighboring nations and world powers joined the conflict. Since then it has been a case of human rights violation as hundreds of people were killed with use of chemical weapons leading to more than 3 million Syrian fleeing the conflict as the rebels and islamists groups continue to ruin the country. Intervention by UN and Arab League to end stalemate and reach truce has proven futile[1].

The article manages to pursue the reader that there danger is already there and international community must help resettle the refugees and end the humanitarian disaster in Syria.


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