Sample History Paper on Rise of Totalitarianism

Rise of Totalitarianism

Communism and fascism were two types of totalitarian governments that came into existence after 1917. These two governments appeared to have similar ideologies which made several people to support them. However, the ideologies spread by these two governments became the darkest hour for humanity as millions of people ended up being killed in an orgy of violence.  Communism and fascism may appear similar because they were both totalitarianism government, but differ in regards to ideologies and various aspects. Fascism originated in the year 1919 under Benito Mussolini and became popular through to the year 1945 with their main ideology of having a state that is above everything.  For instance, everything including human values existed within the state. On the other hand, after 1917, Karl Mark together with Friedrich Engels came up with Communist Manifesto with the ideology of promoting a stateless community where everyone is equal (Malley, 2012). Communists thought globally in regards to production of major resources for the nation while fascists’ thoughts were within the national level. Communism meant that the state owned everything while fascism meant that the state was in control of everything.

The major accomplishments of these two governments are that they both erased the traditional ideologies that the world had regarding good and evil with the intention of building a new global order. They both had utopian vision where everyone in the world would achieve infinite happiness in regards to wealth position. The fact that people saw that they would have a better life in these two governments which promoted socialism made the masses to support them. However, communists and fascism governments failed in different ways. For instance, by socializing the means of production, Marx failed to realize that he was creating poverty rather than wealth because there were no proper work incentives (Malley, 2012). At the same time, the lower class were looked down by the bourgeois who considered them enemies that led to thousands of mass killings because of the ideologies that each class shared.




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