Sample History Paper on reparations

Format for Essay on Reparations



  1. Address the question raised in the assignment to write, a five-page paper that addresses the question of whether reparations will, finally, serve justice. Be specific about the particular losses that must be compensated and the form those reparations should take” (Assignment page, Course Canvas Site Labor History 201, Spring 2021; also included in Course Syllabus).


  1. Paragraph One: Describe the particular example of a historical situation where Reparations are (or are not) appropriate. Include a statement (a complex sentence, at least) explaining your Thesis or the Point as to why your claim regarding Reparations in this case is valid.


  1. Paragraphs Two & Three: Introduce the evidence, testimony, information and reasoning that support the Thesis or Point raised by the essay.


  1. Pages Two, Three, Four: Explains and quotes evidence, testimony, and other information that supports your essay’s concept about Reparations.


Page Five: Summarizes what you have proven or learned. You may conjecture about what the next steps in the case will be.


Page Six: Works Cited. This page is not numbered. Using APA guidelines, you will list the sources on which you based the essay.


  1. Essay will be approximately 1,250 words (the average length of an APA typed page is “250 words.” However, our concern here is not the number of words. The concern is the reasoning and information on which you found your opinion about Reparations in the context of our course readings and discussion.