Sample History Paper on Renaissance Period Writers

The Renaissance period refers to a period of great revival in Europe during which there were several discoveries and explorations. The period witnessed a growth of commerce and the decline of the feudal system after a long period of cultural stagnation. The period was also marked by the development of writing with some of the key writers including Petrarch, Machiavelli, and Pizan.

During the Renaissance period, Petrarch was both a writer and poet and was considered as one of the founders of humanism. In the fourteenth century, Petrarch emphasized on recreating the Roman spirit in the medieval culture. His historical imagination was to relate men in the medieval and renaissance periods as models. Petrarch wrote a letter to a dead Roman historian in 1336 to display a modern attitude of gratitude in the resemblance of the early scenes.

Machiavelli, another important writer of the Renaissance period, influenced the study of history and politics in this period. His contribution saw people approach politics in a manner different from that of the medieval period. In 1513, Machiavelli changed the research studies about history and politics by blatantly distancing himself from the earlier historical and political views. He viewed power in the political perspective as a living and psychological relationship among people, which is different from previous political views of power.

On the other hand, Pizan being a proto-feminist focused on educating women and their fair treatment during the Renaissance period. Between 1399 and 1429, King Charles VI led the French nobility, and Pizan had the opportunity of being present in his court. Pizan’s ideas found a ready audience as the recipients were King Charles VI and his relatives.