Sample History Paper on narrative of American history

You will be creating a visual and audio presentation (5 to 7 minutes long) based on the narrative you want to tell about America. Please cover whatever topics you think are most critical to your American story and include images that represent the time periods we\’ve covered in this course (1600–present). Remember, historical narratives are subjective and a product of the views of the author(s). I want you to tell the narrative that is critical to your own experience. Importantly, periods do not have receive equal representation; however, the goal is to create a comprehensive narrative of American history. Presentations that only focus on an individual century, history, or event will not receive full credit. You are free to use any software when creating your presentation (I suggest PowerPoint). Your presentation should be accompanied with audio and be in .MP3 format. You are free to use any software to record your voice (I suggest using Kaltura). On the final slide, you will be asked to analyze the narrative you created and to answer the following questions. Why did you elect to focus on the topics in your historical narrative? What connection do you have to those events? Why did you decide to exclude certain topics? What does the exclusion of these topics tell you about your own bias and worldview?