Sample History Paper on Fourth Industrial Revolution

According to this video, what is the Fourth Industrial Revolution? 

The Fourth Industrial revolution is here. It is characterized by myriad technological development comprising of physical, digital and biological dimensions. According to the video, human ideas are poised to change and it will be difficult to distinguish between natural and artificial objects (World Economic Forum n.p). Technology does not change what we do but it changes us. These technologies are actively impacting on education disciplines, economies and industries, and critically challenges humans to enhance efforts to thrive in the wake of its development. For instance, we are witnessing aspects of virtual reality that allows human to interact and share ideas. Further, robots are currently collaborating with humans to produce new technological tools and equipments aiding decision making and simplifying daily tasks. Fourth Industrial Revolution has initiated aspects that are now influencing personal and professional lives. This revolution is encouraging the implementation of new capabilities for people and machines. Notably, most of these technological infrastructures are heavily dependent on the Third Revolution. However, it brings in new ways of integrating technologies in societies and human activities.

How does it differ from the First Industrial Revolution? List at least three significant differences and discuss them separately.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution seems premature to some people. According to the video, the revolution comes with new systems that meet basic needs of human (World Economic Forum n.p). Fortunately, the First, Second and Third revolutions have created enabling environment and infrastructures that eventually will support aspects of the Fourth Revolution. Significant differences are observed on equipment and tools, automated processes and improved decision making. It differs from the First Revolution because it is an enhancement of technological devices and equipment such as computers. Computers in the First Revolution were bulky, less powerful and slow in processing data. However, Fourth Revolution brings on board sophisticated computers that are much better, powerful and faster. Second is the impact of internet on industrial processes. First Revolution was characterized by reliance on animals to drive industrial processes. However, in the Fourth Revolution processes are automated and internet plays significant roles in transmitting data throughout industrial procedures. Third, decision making is enhanced in the Fourth as compared to First Revolution. Today, industrial managers used decision support systems to make crucial production decisions.

How might knowledge of the First Industrial Revolution help us survive and thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution? 

The First Revolution was instrumental in instilling the culture of creativity and innovation to come up with new ideas. Therefore, creativity from the initial revolution will be fundamental as it forms one of the top three skills required for the new generation. Workers must be creative enough to accommodate changes in terms of new products, technologies and unique ways of working. For instance, robots will ensure faster accomplishment of tasks, but as humans, we must be creative enough to ensure they are relevant. These new machines will definitely rely on our decisions to make them work. Further, listening skills acquired in the first Revolutions will be critical in the next generation system. We must effectively listen to instructions because new systems are operating on artificial and emotional intelligence, thus effective listening skills is needed by many. Consequently, knowledge on jobs and processes acquired during the First Revolution is critical for survival. It is important to note that Fourth revolution is just technological improvement of tasks that were initially performed manually. The revolution makes people to be closer to each other.

What stood out for you in this video? Why did it stand out? Name at least one thing and discuss it. Name more if you want to learn more and to score better.

Environmental protection and conservation of the delicate nature stood out in the video. The Fourth Industrial Revolutions is coming up with new ways of utilizing resources and focuses on the eradication of plastics. The technologies brought forwards are biologically functional. Further, new methods of production are involved in active recycling of resources to ensure clean air, water and energy. Second aspect that stood out is how the technologies are opening up avenues for learning. It is not a must that someone must attend university to be creative. Third is the issue on the future of jobs. Future jobs may require new education and training. So, humans must adjust to the demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolutions.



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