Sample History Paper on Forgotten Defining Moment

Socialism was a political scenario in the U.S. – not mentioned in the video -which transformed America’s foreign policy in relation to world peace. President Obama’s regime instilled hope and trust in the administration by the public. The administration created a political environment which improved the social lifestyles of people by avoiding racism in federal institutions.

Socialism had a political mission of doing away with racial discrimination and providing equal opportunities to the public in the 2000s. For instance, Obamacare transformed the U.S. healthcare system in which people were offered subsidized medical services. This improved social relationships among all Americans with minimal instances of racial discrimination. Modern American doctors attended to patients of all racial backgrounds as promoted by social policies in healthcare institutions.

Policies that improved social relationships of Americans were also imminent in higher learning institutions. For instance, student leadership was open to individuals of all races. This enabled student leaders – within higher learning institutions – to become better politicians in the future. Education became a reality of socialism among communities that felt racially oppressed in the last three decades.

Similarly, international scholarship programs were established to improve America’s foreign policy. It is through reliable foreign policies in the 2000s that the U.S. established a strong group of allies in most countries across the globe. Allies partner with the U.S. to improve global peace and a stable economy in the world.

The international response to humanitarian aid was also enhanced in the U.S. during 2000s. Hurricane Katrina – which struck the U.S. during the mentioned period – was a revelation of the importance of prompt response in saving lives. Through socialist ideologies, humanitarian response was scaled internationally. For instance, humanitarian aid was mobilized to save lives in hunger-stricken communities.