Sample History Paper on China’s Boxer Rebellion

China’s Boxer Rebellion

Environmental factors resulted in China’s Boxer Rebellion. There was a drought which lasted for a whole year that led to desperation, anxiety, and panic among the Chinese people. Flooding of the Yellow River which occurred after this also led to increased morbidity rates, starvation, and conflicts towards the missionaries and the foreigners in the country.        German militarism and diplomacy were partly responsible for the onset of the First World War as many factors contributed to the beginning of this war. The increasing growth of German militarism before the commencement of WW1 in 1914 contributed to the creation of strategic treaties and alliances throughout Europe as many of the nations were afraid of being less powerful than their neighbors. The diplomacy of Germany became a strategic advantage when they aided Austria in retaliating attacks on Serbia and Russia.

The Treaty of Versailles can be considered responsible for the beginning of World War II as it led to the rise of dictatorship and the rule of Hitler in Germany. The harsh way through which the treaty treated Germany made Germans angry as it forced Germany to pay a large compensation of money in reparations.

Islamic revivalism challenges a stable world order through their resistance to the West power and its influence in the world order, and through their involvement in terrorism. While Muslims might not agree that the terrorists are part of the Islamic religion, the terrorist associate themselves with the Islamic religion. Thus, the spread of terrorism and resistance through groups such as ISIS have contributed to the disruption of a stable world order.

Afghan women have not been liberated from oppression as women in the country continue to be abused and oppressed. While the Taliban possess threat against women in Afghan, their families possess greater threats through forced marriages and forced submission. Women in the country also face injustice as they get punished for committing crimes that are considered as immoral in their society such as cases of rape due to the shame brought to the family.