Sample History Paper on American Revolution

American Revolution was a colonial rebellion; the rebellion happened between 1765 and 1783. During the American Revolution, the Thirteen American Colonies rejected the British monarchy and aristocracy and overthrew the authority of Great Britain; during this battle the United States of America was founded (Bailyn, 1992). During the battle the Revolution war emerged, the War occurred when the British Government decided to make the American colonies pay a large share of the war debt from the French and Indian War, the American people considered this as harsh and rebelled to adhere to the British demands. The American Revolution had social and political causes to the people of America.

The American Revolution affected the Americans much, and certain changes were made to the newly independent nation. This is because the Americans were able to change the government which was a corrupt government and they had an equal government which did not favor any nation but rather treated each nation as equal. Women’s and slaves were oppressed and treated harshly, but after the American Revolution, they experienced a change in the society as women gained more freedom and slaves were set free. The American Revolution made the United States of America have a centralized form of government as it separated itself from the British government which enforced harsh laws to them and oppressed them.

The American Revolution caused some positive social changes this is because women were not recognized before the revolution but after the revolution women were set free and this was the beginning of the gender equality as women started to be regarded as important as men. The war also shaped women’s mind; women participated in the war as they fought alongside men. After the war was over women had realized that they were capable of performing same duties as men, and they were not ready to go back to household chores but became determined to play a part in the development of their nation.

The American Revolution lead to democracy, governments formed were democratic and people were allowed to speak express themselves, their fears, and their expectations. Democratic movements were also formed which ensured that the governments performed their duties as required. Americans were happy after the Revolution they gained what they had always dreamt of and they would no longer be oppressed or subjected to the harsh and unfavorable laws which made them inferior and their counterpart’s superior. Discrimination was over, and Americans were free from British Government which favored the Britain and disfavored the Americans every nation was run by its governments and Americans ensured that their government was not similar to that of Britain and that equality was the key thing.

In 1986 farmers from central and western Massachusetts organized themselves into armed groups and protested against established authority and aggressive creditors; the protesters called themselves the voice of the people. The two groups tried to pressure the government to lower the high taxes they taxed them and also to relief debtors by using the same techniques they used on against British authority earlier. The protestors came to be known as the Shays’s Rebellion. The western Massachusetts protests were legitimate to some extent; this is because many farmers in the western Massachusetts suffered from high taxes and unresponsive government. The people whom the majority were farmers had the right to demand being charged average as their taxes were too high. Additionally, the western Massachusetts protest was legitimate since the government did not give them a listening ear they had the right to protest so that the government could hear them out; through the protests, they attracted the attention of the government. Every citizen should grievances should be listened to, and equality should be ensured among all the citizens thus western Massachusetts protests were legitimate as they protested against their rights which they were denied. American Revolution was very important as it paved the way to the centralized and democratic government; equality also began after revolution and women got freedom.



Bailyn, Bernard. The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press. 1992.