Sample History Movie Review on Across Atlantic Ice

Across Atlantic Ice

Stanley and Bradford denote that the first inhabitants to arrive in North American came by sea 20,000 years ago. The video represents scholarly history because it outlines and estimates that the first human to come into this region travelled by sea. In addition, it provides an archaeological research study about the tools used by the people. These tools depicted Clovis technology that dates back 17,000 years ago. The tools included knives carved from stones and cutting stones used for various purposes.  This is credible evidence to implicate the historical journey of the first people to appear in the northern part of America (Stanford and Bradley 120). The movie convinced me and enhanced my understanding about the American history. However, there is still room for improvement, especially regarding plantation. For it to be compelling enough, there is a need to incorporate nature, which involves plants and animals. The wild animals were loaming everywhere during this period.  Forest covered the land and plants grew everywhere. This is not well represented or brought out in this video despite being shot near mountains and along the coastal region. Human activities have contributed to the reduction of forest cover in the world, especially in this place (USAPATRIOT 76). Therefore, the video could have been made authoritative and interesting by including massive vegetation and forest cover.

In conclusion, the history of America dates back 20,000 years before Columbus came into the country. The reason behind this is that the indigenous community had established their residential places in North America. They lived in the forest while feeding on wild animals. Bradford and Stanley had demonstrated the ordeal through provision of archaeological and oceanographic evidence.


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