Sample History Book Review on Uncle Sam’s Plantation

Uncle Sam’s Plantation

Uncle Sam’s Plantation book is a sharp observation of the government intentions to eventually control, manipulate, and ruin the lives of the poor citizens while benefiting the rich people. The author describes different ways that the Americans citizens must apply to ensure that the government protects the black people who are the minority group. The book has described that life of the author in that she grew from the poor background and had once lived a welfare addict life. Moreover, she had experienced the wrath of being treated in a cruel manner by the welfare system before using and benefits from it as a stepping stone that helped her live a successful life. The author has described her life as a victim of the welfare system. She has been determined to end poverty and disclose different ways that are used by selfish politicians to implement policies that are meant to serve their interests. The book has been grouped into two major parts that demonstrate the lives of poor and the rich people in America. The first part describes the heroes who are outlined as personal responsibility and freedom. The second part covers the wicked people that include moral relativism and liberalism. The review would include different ways applied by the government to bring poor people into servitude and the strategies that could be applied to address the issues that concern slavery and poverty (Parker 18).

Slavery in America is illegal, and no one is allowed to participate in supporting the vice. The American government has amended thirteen acts that support slavery in its effort to abolish the evil practice. In spite of the effort, the author stated that there exist many similarities between the slavery and the current American government. The government has played a significant role in eroding Americans values. The United States welfare system has contributed significantly to the number of American women, in particular, African American are having their children out of wedlock. The majority of African American women have been changed to the welfare system, and this has resulted in making them develop a mentality that collecting government assistance can be more valuable than getting married. This is evidenced by the fact that, since the creation of welfare system, the out of wedlock births among the black community has increased significantly. In addition, studies have indicated that many children that are brought up in single-parent households are prone to acquiring less education, have lower chances of securing jobs and hence increasing their chances of suffering from future financial problems (Parker 35).

The author’s ideas that are discussed in the book Uncle Sam’s Plantation are meant to trigger a different way of addressing poverty issues and hence help the American citizens understand that the nation’s prosperity does not emanate from the government and politics. The prosperity of country according to the author comes as a result of people uniting and working without experiencing additional controls, having a given level of freedom, guided by real characters and high moral standards. In the support, the author has discussed issues that can help people unite and improve on morals, for example, family, love, faith, and responsibility. When people observe these components, they would, without any doubt work together towards achieving the nation’s goals and without discriminating certain groups benefitting the entire country (Parker 79).

The author has used the title, which is an indication that the book contains incendiary views and ideas. Uncle Sam’s Plantation has looked at all aspects of current strategy that American government has been applying to eradicate poverty. Government responses concerning the elimination of poverty using the welfare system have been unsuccessful. Instead of rescuing the poor people from poverty, the actions taken by the government have contributed a lot towards injecting more pain to poor citizens. For instance, the author has addressed the issues concerning education to every American citizen, abortion, minimum wage, and welfare. The politicians who fail the people that voted them into powers have been the primary target of the book and the individuals who work the welfare systems. In the book, the author has used different tones when addressing the two groups of people, for instance, she is very kindhearted and concerned when speaking to the poor people who needs help. The author has a strong faith in that when the poor people are well equipped with proper tools, for instance, religious training, and education especially proper knowledge to understand the consequences of doing the right and wrong, which could result in making majority group become more productive and decent citizens (Parker 118).

The author has leant how life dependency can be injurious and harmful especially to the poor people. For the past few decades, the government has applied a strategy of public expenditure to awaken the economy. Contrary to the expectations, the policy has caused many cities to remain in a condition of great disorder, destruction of minority groups like black families, and an increase in the number of uneducated youths who lacks purpose in life. The author challenges the government move towards dealing with the vices of poverty and education challenges. The book has supported the move to fight the nation losses through doing away with the bureaucrats of the government. The author stands for mobilizing people to fight against the government moves to eradicate poverty and support returning of the precious resources to the private citizens who can optimize their productivity and hence increase on outputs level of the nation (Parker 122).

In the book, the author has criticized the government programs intended to solve people’s problems as a mere lie that is perpetuated by self-serving politicians. Politicians control their housing, schooling needs, transportation costs and their remunerations. Sadly, allowing the government to take full responsibility for solving people’s problems has resulted to irresponsible behavior in the black community. Poverty is a complicated aspect that cannot solely be amended by the government programs alone. It requires individuals to work hard with determination to fight and tame poverty in a country within the controllable levels. The author being a black American citizen was once poor only managed to combat poverty through working hard and being always determined (Parker 155).

In the effort to curb the problems that arise as a result of the welfare system, the author has revealed different ways of dealing with the slavery that causes poverty to be rampant among the minority African American people. The author has outlined different ways in which welfare system subjects the poor on a legal plantation that has partial financial support from public funds. It has been made clear in the book that government has played a significant role in undermining frameworks of morality and values that hardens the process of overcoming adversity and poverty. Playing politics has been cited as perpetuating the cycle of poverty especially when politicizing critical issues like welfare, retirement, education, and tax system.

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