Sample Healthcare Paper on Using theoretical framework to identify management problems

Identify an organisational, management or leadership problem within a public health organisation of your choice (preferably in the US or UK). Critically discuss the usefulness of the team “development and conflict processes” (see below) theoretical framework in understanding the problem, and for developing potential solutions to address that problem.

Team development and conflict processes
Teams undergo periods of development, and those periods, according to Tuckman and Jensen (1977; 2010), are characterised by the following conflict stages:

*) Forming – experience confusion and uncertainty, reserved and polite, size up situation
*) Storming – conflicts over task, behaviours, goal priorities, leadership and suppression
*) Norming – sharing information, accommodate differing opinions and positive attempts to agree
*) Performing – effective and efficient task performance
*) Adjourning – termination of task behaviours and disengagement from relations behaviours.
Identifying the stage of change that a team is at, can help the manager choose the most appropriate strategy to help see the team through conflict.

This assessment requires you to write a 3000-word applied case executive management report.

You should identify a relevant organisational, management or leadership problem.
You can choose the public health organisation and the country/locality within which it sits.
The problem may be real or hypothetical, but supportive references to relevant literature should be provided in either case.
You should ensure you select a relevant theory/theoretical framework to define and elucidate the problem and for developing potential solutions that are cognisant of how the problem has been defined and the specific organisation