Sample Healthcare Paper on The universal healthcare program in Sweden

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Great post. I decided to compare my Country (UK) to Sweden. I read that Through the National Health Service, all residents of England have automatic access to free hospital, physician, and mental health care.The majority of the money for the National Health Service budget comes from general taxes.191 Clinical Commissioning Groups, which oversee and pay for local care delivery, are overseen by NHS England, a government agency. Around 10.5 percent of the Assembled Realm’s populace conveys willful supplemental protection to acquire quick admittance to elective care. The universal healthcare program in Sweden is regionally and nationally governed. Municipalities are in charge of caring for the elderly and disabled, while the regions finance and provide health care services. The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs sets overall health policy. The main sources of funding are local and regional taxes. The federal government also offers grants. It is automatic to enroll. Inpatient, outpatient, dental, mental health, long-term care, and prescription medications are all covered services. Regions set copayment amounts for services like primary care visits and hospital stays as well as provider fees at all levels of care. Do you think that the UK system of healthcare leaves little responsibility for it’s citizens?