Sample Healthcare Paper on social anxiety disorder

Patient is a 45-year-old hispanic male, presents to the clinic for a follow up for his social anxiety disorder. He complains that he has been having a hard time connecting or getting along with his friends. The patient states that he has not been going out of his room because he does not like the way other people look at him Patient is calm and relaxed. Speech is normal in rate, and articulation is coherent. Body posture and attitude convey an underlying anxious state. Facial expression and general demeanor reveal anxious state. Affect is appropriate, full range, and congruent with mood. There are no apparent signs of fear, and uneasiness. Associations are intact, thinking is logical, and thought content appears appropriate. Cognitive functioning and fund of knowledge are intact and age appropriate.
Patient is compliant with medications; he reports that his anxiety has improved ever since he was prescribed medications. CBT was continue to utilize. Patient is to follow up in the next month. Patient to continue taking Zoloft 50 mg once a day, Paxil 20 mg once a day in the morning.

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