Sample Healthcare Paper on Reflection and Violence

Reflection and Violence

Question 1

Critical perspectives on wellness across the lifespan were learned throughout this course. These include the need for physical, emotional, social, and mental wellness among people in their homes, workplaces, and learning contexts. The course also provided valuable information on the importance of having more efficient, more patient-centered, and better health care. The underlying thing learned is that better and quality services in the healthcare context are important. These perspectives are crucial when it comes achieving my future career development goals, which are to ensure that activities in healthcare facilities run smoothly and that resources are used efficiently to achieve a common goal.

Question 2

One of the insights I gained from my project and the entire process is that obesity is causing serious concern in the public health sector alongside jeopardizing how basic health care services are delivered. It remains a significant risk factor when it comes to cardiovascular diseases and increases the risk of mortality and morbidity. Another key insight is that obesity, especially among adolescents is manageable, and this can be done through regular involvement in physical activity, pharmacotherapy, and restricting sedentary behavior and lifestyles. With this knowledge, I would consider engaging in regular physical activity to mitigate any possibilities of obesity that remains a health concern today.

Question 3

In recent times, war and violence have become commonplace in various parts of the world from the streets of the United States to the Middle East and Europe. There have been arguments on whether incidences of war and violence should be displayed in the media or not (Browne & Hamilton-Giachritsis, 2005). From a personal perspective, violence should not be censored for various reasons. First, people must not refuse a mere picture or video of a horrific event yet other people live through the same throughout their life (Ritchin, 2014). Second, one of the steps towards fighting violence is people accepting to look at it through the media for instance (Ritchin, 2014).




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