Sample Healthcare Paper on Preventing Hypertension in adult in United Kingdom.

1- Assignment type policy brief
– The topic: Preventing Hypertension in adult in United Kingdom.
In this topic we focus on Preventing Hypertension in adult and its relationship to alcohol in the United Kingdom

2- location: United Kingdom.

3- The target group: men aged 50-65 in UK

4- It is allowed to use some useful images such as maps and pictures related to the subject, one only in introduction
It is also allowed to decorate the introduction with a picture related to the topic, if possible

– When putting three options after it (Proposed Option One Implementation)5
6-Please, before you start writing, read the example included so that you can do the same ideas in my topic, because there are accurate things that you will know after reading the example and directions(instruction).

7- Here is an attached file called (Template) that we use to write the task.

8- We strictly follow the instructions in the user-defined files.

9- The method of writing references is important to follow in the file attached to you, which is Harvard and a special type of Harvard in the way of writing. Also, When supporting references, I hope they are current and relevant.

10- The similarities do not exceed 10% (no plagiarism)

11- Word count does not include tables and references. The required limit is 2000 words.
(There is a file named (Rubric) Each part has already been detailed. How many words do we put, and a total of 2000 words does not exceed this limit please)
12 – Font: size 12 Times New Roman
13- Allow margins of approximately 2.5cm at the top, bottom and sidef your page.
14 – 1.5-line spacing.

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Discipline: Public Health and Health promotion