Sample Healthcare Paper on Obesity in America

Obesity in America

Obesity is a health condition in which individuals exhibit increase in weight beyond the reasonable limit i.e. having a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 and above. In America, the threat of obesity has drastically increased in the society to the extent of raising concerns. This ailment is caused primarily by the lifestyles people have adopted in the society. Its effects are intensely felt by individuals in the form of diseases and other health challenges.

Obesity, as a universal problem in America, has highly affected my community through influencing health challenges to my friends and relatives. For example, many people in my community have developed coronary heart disease (CHD) as a result of the excessive increment of weight. CHD is a condition whereby, the inner part of the coronary arteries produces a waxy substance (plaque) which eventually narrows or blocks the arteries. Individuals end up developing heart attacks and chest pain due to the interference of oxygen supply. In addition, stroke cases are common in my community. Stroke develops when the brain lacks enough oxygen and, in this case, the deposition of plaque in arteries close to the brain limits oxygen supply. Others are victims of diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, and metabolic syndrome among others due to this epidemic. The society needs to establish the causes of this epidemic and lay control measures for people to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Change in lifestyle habits has highly contributed to the increment of obesity cases among the society. People are leading a lifestyle that advocates the high consumption of calories that in turn increase their weights. For instance, people have been consuming junk foods that contain high-calorie contents. This makes them accumulate high calories in the body which handle weight increment and eventually the development of obesity. Also, the adoption of new technology has drastically reduced the number of activities that people engage in thereby lengthening their free time that they utilize by watching TVs and socializing in social networks. This contributes to the accumulation of calories in the body, which increases the weight of individuals.

To control the rising cases of obesity, the Society should change their lifestyle by engaging in adequate physical activities. People, instead of using their free time in social networks and watching TVs, they should rather utilize it in doing physical exercises. Exercises will enable them to burn some calories in the body thereby maintaining a healthy and fit body free from excessive weight gain. In addition, people should correctly choose the types of food they consume. They should consume low-calorie content foods like green leafy vegetables. This will control the number of calories in the body and eventually prevent obesity thereby promoting a healthy lifestyle in the society.

Some people in the society are subjected to a wrong lifestyle due to the presence of social conflicts. According to the conflict theory, some individuals of the lower class in the society cannot be able to afford the healthy foods. Therefore, with their little abilities they are forced to buy and consume the affordable foods that in most cases contain high calories. Circumstances lead the lower class people to developing the condition of obesity. It’s not their wish to lead such a lifestyle, but they are forced to lead it due to their class in the society.



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