Sample Healthcare Paper on Mental Health Disorders Plaguing African Americans in New Jersey

Please see attached document for details and instructions. I also attached my Case Assignment essay so you can read what was written. As per the instructions the new essay is to be built upon and creative.

Background: As you will recall from module 4, the Case & Signature
Assignments represent a continuation of one another, building on
each other and integrating course concepts. Although these are two
distinct assignments, they are highly interrelated and collectively
integrate concepts presented throughout the course.
Please prepare an 8 to 10 page paper in which you address the
following, based on your identified public health issue in module 4:
1. Imagine that in your case assignment, your work identified a
correlation between a behavior or a potential source of exposure and
an identified health issue. Discuss how you would use regression to
learn more about the nature of the relationship between the variables
(NOTE: Be certain to remind us of your dependent variable,
independent variable, and the level of measurement of your variables).
2. Discuss any issues associated with measurement error that could
be plaguing your study. How would you know/identify it, and what can
be done about it?
3. Discuss the concept of factor analysis and how you can apply it to
the development of a questionnaire designed to study your identified
public health issue. NOTE: I am looking for you to be creative here.
Maybe the development of a new test? Maybe you can study social

factors that best predict who will develop the disease/condition, etc.
Again, be creative here!
4. Discuss the concept of statistical power as it relates to your study.
5. Specific to your identified issue, let us assume that the
assumptions of parametric statistics were in some way violated (small
sample sizes, non-normally distributed data, etc.). Discuss which nonparametric statistical techniques you could use to study your
problem. Be certain to explain why the selected technique would be
most appropriate.
6. Discuss your general analysis plan.
7. Discuss how you would address the presentation of your study’s
8. Complete your assignment with a conclusion that addresses the
Case & Signature assignments.
You will need to conduct outside research for this paper, but you have
multiple resources to pull from using the internet and the Touro
University library.

Writing expectations include competency in the following:
-Sentence Structure
-Verb Tense and Agreement
-Pronoun Use
-Possessive Use
-Focus and Organization
-Thesis Statement & Conclusion
You should use a minimum of 4-6 academic sources in support of
your Signature Assignment.
If you do not turn in your assignment before the deadline, points may
be deducted from your score for tardiness.