Sample Healthcare Paper on Marketing Management Tools

Marketing Management Tools

Question 1

The health care environment has witnessed increased competition in recent years. This has forced health care organizations to resort to marketing where they focus on identifying a target market that is different from their current customer base. It should be noted that the marketing paradigm in the healthcare context is becoming more of a customer-retention strategy, shifting from the transactional focus. Health care marketers must establish the core values of healthcare organizations they intend to market (Berkowitz, 2017). This is beneficial as the targeted market or customers can understand the ethical standards that guide the health care standard being marketed. This gives health care marketers an upper hand in their strategic and tactical pursuits.

Question 2

Give the importance of core values to healthcare organizations, it is vital for the organizations to have the same core values or value systems over time. This paves the way for success that is hardly achieved by organizations that change their core values over time.

Question 3

In health care organizations, both the leaders and employees take part in day-to-day decision making. Core values play key role in the decision-making processes (Martin, McCormack, Bitzsimons, & Spirig, 2014). When the values are changed over time in a way that those that guide leaders and employees are different, such an organization is destined for failure.

Question 4

Leonard Berry’s Success Sustainability model gives insight into what ought to be done to lead today’s health care organizations into future sustainable healthcare enterprises. He stresses that to achieve excellence, health care organizations must maintain their mission as they face future challenges (Fortenberry, 2013). The model recommends the need to design a healthcare organization with an envisioned future in mind.

Question 5

Based on the Berry’s model, healthcare organizations should come up with mission and vision statements that guide them into the future. Also, healthcare organizations should ensure that their mission or core values are maintained and not changed over time if they are to be successful in the long run.




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