Sample Healthcare Paper on Managed Care in the Health Sector

Managed care is a series of techniques that seeks to regulate the services in the health sector. They are intended to reduce the cost of giving the benefits related to care in the health sector as well as the quality of the services. It is also intended to reduce unnecessary health costs through economic incentives to care givers and patients to select less costly services that befit them. It also controls on the number of patients admitted and the period they should stay in the health facility. On those health services of high cost, there is intensive management provided.   Among the forms of managed care that are being used in the public and private sector of the country include, Managed Care in a Public Setting: (MCPS) and Health Maintenance Organization: (HMO) here an organization can offer health care services to its employees Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS) fee for service offer a wide range of services and physicians. Insurance companies pay medical fees for each insured patient. This helps I reduction of the overall cost of accessing various health facilities as the government provide subsidies through these covers. Through introduction of many insurance plans covering health care of citizens, access to these insurance plans by the citizens has been made highly effective.

 Computerizing health records and care

Computers are meant to ease and make work easier. Computerizing of health records can avoid dangerous medical mistakes like loss of important documents regarding the patients. This will also keep a keen eye on the patients’ progress. On the other hand computers will reduce the costs related to book keeping and file maintenance. It will also reduce the costs of in terms of time. This will improve the health care services as it makes work easier and the patient will have less time in getting health services. As a healthcare manager, how important is it to understand basic legal principles that influence the work environment?

 Do social media help or hurt health care? Explain how?

As a health care manager, it is important for me to understand all the legal principles because in a way or another, they affect directly or indirectly the proper functioning of the health facilities and services. This is also in order to understand the roles that they play in realizing the success of the whole system. The social media helps the health care as it helps in making the public aware of the services that are offered in the care services. The use of social media has also highly improved activities of research hence offering opportunity for quality delivering of the medical programs. Health professionals should keenly integrate the use of the social media sites so as to curb negative effects that could tamper with medical procedures.