Sample Healthcare Paper on Making Healthier Choices

The article “Would America be better off with organic diet” by Dr Silverstein provides an overview of the healthy choices to make when it comes to personal diet. Many people perceive taking organic foods to be healthy, while another group of people recommend conventional foods because of the high prices related to organic food. Though organic food is by research regarded as healthier than conventional meals, the two are still perceived to have come into contact with pesticides, chemicals and fertilizers. These substances prove to be harmful to the body when consumed repeatedly.

Background Information

By the rising prices of the organic food sales for the past decade, there have been controversies of which food diet to rely on. Companies that process most organic foods have been investigated on how they prepare processed foods. Only to be noticed that they remove essential parts of a plant during processing. The cases and controversies of diet resulted in a significant debate of which of the two diets is profitable to the body. With the support of materials  (Janet, H. S, & Alex, C. L, 2013), authors have tried to bring to light the different advantages associated with the two types of diets. The article is intended for educational purposes, to enlighten the community on the reasons as to which is the best diet for the betterment of the body.

Critique of the Article

The author portrays this information in a clear manner to help the reader understand it quickly. In the article, the author chronologically outlines the concerns of a healthy diet for human consumption. The author’s organization style is formal, as it conveys personal concerns about the richest diet and also statistical analysis of the researched diet (Janet, H. S, & Alex, C. L, 2013). The author’s research showcase detailed information about a healthy diet and why organic diet is higher in value and is not yet confirmed to be of more beneficial. The study also recollects pesticides and chemicals that are used during the growth of organic foods and the reasons they are portrayed by many as an unsafe during consumption. As it relies on other sources for clarity, the research provides clear reasons as to why  (Janet, H. S, & Alex, C. L, 2013), people prefer to take the conventional diet. It also states the reasons why taking organic food benefits the body. In the article, the author exploits real analysis of diet consumption to explain the need of the research.

An instance is showcased when the author clarifies the need to have a healthy diet on the table. The author supports the need for a healthy meal. A case when fruits, vegetables and whole grains products are taken, they tend to be nutritious to the body disregard of their organic or convention nature. This proves that the author provides insightful details with the company of the analysis utilized.



Response to Article

According to Dr Silverstein’s articles, it is clear that an organic diet is substantial to the health of a human being. In this case, I agree with the author that, the government should try to minimize the high standards of prices for farm products to enable farmers lower organic food prices. The lowering of rates will subdue others to accept the use of organic foods more compared to the cheap, available conventional products. I disagree with the author’s view that, there is little evidence that organic food is worth the cost. Organic diet proves to be beneficial compared to conventional or processed food. Thus present evidence demonstrates that organic food is nutritious than conventional and it is, therefore, worth the cost.

Indeed, organic diet should be considered healthier and nutritious regardless of the cost. As the author outlines that, no clear line proves which diet is more important than the other. Later, the author also notes that an organic diet is expensive thus crucial to the body. Therefore, the article helps in proving a healthy diet is recommended, and thus one should practice it. One can use the article to show the diet preferences offered by both organic and conventional foods, and the need for one to be healthy.




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