Sample Healthcare Paper on Lancet Medicare


As a mid-level healthcare service provider, the Lancet Healthcare mission is to provide access to healthcare services and improve the health standards of the communities that we serve.

Vision statement

The Lancet Healthcare providers to establish its position as the most caring partner on health issues.

Core Values


In our service delivery, we will maintain respect for individuals, opinions, and diversity of the community (“C426 – Healthcare Values And Ethics Recap • R/WGU”). We will always respect the divergent views and responses from our clients. The organization notes the importance of listening, acknowledging, and appreciation of others opinions. The organization respects that all citizens are equal


In our service to promote healthy living in our community, we will serve with compassion, genuine kindness, and ownership. We will follow the Golden rule in our service and express empathy to others. We recognize the need to consider honor for mind, body, and spirit of our clients.


The facility and staff commit and dedicate all their knowledge and energy to delivering satisfactory services to our clients. We take pride in the contribution to the development of a healthy society through disease eradication, research, and sustainable development. We take responsibility to do what is right for the development of health.


The entire Lancet fraternity focuses on delivering the best services to our clients and promise always to do what is right even when no one is watching. We are responsible for our actions and recognize the need for honesty in our service. We are fearless in our dispensation of duty and bear the courage to stand for our values


Our success is entirely based on our capacity to work as a unified team. Our staff are industrious in serving our clients and attending to their needs. We all agree to put aside our differences and consider the client as our priority (“Provider Information”). The winning attitude drives us.

Lancet Philosophy Core tenets

  • Provide solutions not problems: Lancet’s focus it to solve client health needs and facilitate productive lives. The worst scenario would be treating a client for a particular condition and aggravate the situation. We are focused on service delivery to promote well-being, reduce injury, reduce consequences, and offer lasting solutions to communities’ health needs.
  • Transparent communication and collaboration: when tackling the health issues in our society, lancet believes it is a collaborative effort by different players and recognizes the need for cooperation with national and multi-national health agencies. We communicate openly about our operations and research findings.
  • A continuous process of development: Lancet operates on a lean practice that minimizes waste within the organization (Skill Zone Ltd). With the growing health demands, we focus on equipment and procedural sophistication to allow us to identify clients’ needs and intervene appropriately. This continuous growth enables us to stay active in all aspects of our business.
  • Shared Goals and Initiative alignment: addressing clients’ needs requires an agreement on intervention strategies. The facility aligns its goals with those of international agents towards improving the health standards. We take it upon us the responsibility to promote healthy living.
  • Participation in community health objectives: Lancet identifies its position in promoting healthy lifestyles within the community (“HEALTHCARE PHILOSOPHY | Drelizabethbarrett.Com”). The facility seeks to establish its position as contributors of sustainable health practices. Together with other players, we are committed to serving the society. Our consumer relations team is always engaging the community to let us know how we can help them better.



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