Sample Healthcare Paper on interviewing a leader in a healthcare profession

This week, you will interview a leader in a healthcare profession and write a 6-8 page paper based on the instructions below. Choose a leader in the health profession whom you can interview to learn about his/her work. You may conduct the interview in person, on the phone, or online, but in person is preferred. Detailed personal information may be omitted at the request of the leader you choose; you may use initials or a pseudonym to maintain confidentiality. Prepare and implement interview questions to elicit the following information about the leader you have chosen: Their philosophy Style, values, and characteristics, including strengths and weaknesses Their relationships with their colleagues at all levels Supervisors Peers Followers Their career path Past Present Future plans Organizational information: Describe your leader’s healthcare organization in terms of a system review: Organization’s product, mission, goals, and objectives Number of employees and number of beds, if applicable Types of accreditation, licensure or regulatory requirements Applicable statistics Write a six- to eight-page paper that includes the following: Title page Abstract Table of contents Body with headings (at least 5 pages) Briefly state what you learned about the leader you interviewed: Leader characteristics Relationship with colleagues Career path Organizational information Leadership theory: Discuss the theories and concepts you have learned in this course: How do they relate to what you learned during your interview? Did you discover any leadership ideas not covered during the course? If so, include them in your paper, with proper citations. How can you apply what you have learned in this course and in the interview to your leadership endeavors?