Sample Healthcare Paper on Hospital Compare

1) Go to website and put in the zip code 59068: Red Lodge, Montana

2) Use Google Maps and Wikipedia to look up the location and demographics of your city, so you know where it is, what the population is, anything else that may be of interest. Find up to 3 hospitals to compare , ranging from one-star to three or more stars in ratings (depending on how many hospitals are available in the City/State.)

3) Click on “Compare,” and expand the ratings for OVERALL, SURVEY OF PATIENT EXPERIENCES, and TIMELY AND EFFECTIVE CARE — in particular, take a look at the final question in the Survey of Patient experiences — the literature supports the notion that “likelihood to recommend” by the patient is highly correlated with perception of value — ” positive patient experience is associated with increased profitability and a negative patient experience is even more strongly associated with decreased profitability.” (Source: ).
Now, for the assignment, consider all the following questions, and put an overall summary together, based on your consideration of the following questions.

a. What did the results on OVERALL, SURVEY OF PATIENT EXPERIENCES, and TIMELY AND EFFECTIVE CARE tell you about “your hospital?” What is your overall impression of the hospital, based on these ratings?

b. Pretend you are the Leadership Team at the One Star (or lowest-rated, or the one and only hospital in your area, if there’s only one). . . after looking at the comparisons (with the other facilities (if any) and also Local and National Averages), what are the MOST IMPORTANT issues you should be bringing to the attention of the Executive Team at next week’s Leadership Council?

c. Select one of the hospitals as “yours” — go to American Hospital Directory, and search on “your” hospital — identify what your hospital’s financial “bottom line” is. Does your hospital seem to be in good fiscal health? How if at all do you think the hospital’s financial condition relates to the ratings you just reviewed?

d. In light of our previous discussions re Directional Strategies(Chapter 5) go to “your” hospital’s website and find its MISSION VISION VALUES statement. What do you think of the stated Mission/Vision/Values? Do you think the statements differentiate the organization from others? Does the Mission clearly define the purpose, and how to get there? How well does the hospital’s performance in the “Survey of Patient Experiences” relate to its stated mission/vision/and values? What kind of impression does the hospital’s web presence give you? Positive? Negative? Indifferent? (SUGGESTION: take a look at the websites of the other hospitals in the area, or in the state, if no other hospitals are in your immediate area, for comparison purposes).

e. How if at all does “your hospital” and its region differ from the hospital(s) ?What insights if any did this assignment give you re: healthcare across the country? Check out the career opportunities at “your hospital.” Do you see anything of interest? Are there many jobs available? Full time and part time? Benefits included? Would you like to work there?