Sample Healthcare Paper on Holistic Systems Approach

In article, “ Diagnosis: The Government Broke Every Rule of Project Management,” Loren Thompson focuses on how Obama’s regime failed to deploy an effective digital healthcare platform since they did not adhere to the principles of project management. Thompson (2013) asserts that inadequate management of the project, which was key to deployment of Obamacare, made it unsuitable for the people who were meant to use it. On that account, the following essay will examine how the government could have used the holistic project management approach to run an effective project.

The project manager of the HealthCare.Gov project should have taken a holistic approach when handling the tasks. The holistic systems approach entails examining the brunt of the problem rather than just the individual tasks that constitute the project (Schwalbe & Furlong, 2017). Since the HealthCare.Gov project was a large national mega-project, it was structured around a hierarchy of numerous projects and subprojects that were interrelated (Thompson,1). This development of a fragmented and multifaceted project organization creates a multi-project environment. The networked structure of this mega-project poses, posed a demanding work for project management. On that account, the use of the holistic approach would have assisted the project manager in the process of developing a comprehensive view of the projects in this multi-project setting (Schwalbe & Furlong, 2017). The project manager would have looked at the individual from different qualitative aspects. Consequently, he/she could have gained the insight required to execute a successful project through interweaving of tasks.

It is clear that the HealthCare.Gov project initially failed due to the non-application of a holistic approach. If the project manager, would have viewed the project as a set of sub-systems interconnected to each other, he/she would have had the insight to implement it successfully. It is imperative than any large project adopts the holistic system approach.



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