Sample Healthcare Paper on Genogram and Ecomap

Genogram and Ecomap
The purpose of this assignment is to enable you to demonstrate your
ability to construct a genogram and an ecomap accurately and to
showcase your understanding of the value and the importance of
using such tools in family nursing practice.
Assignment Guidelines and Marking Criteria
• Explain what genogram is, who invent it, its purpose, and what
incudes in
• Explain what is ecomap, who invented it, its purpose, and what
includes in
• How genogram and ecomap together help to present
comprehensive information about the family situation.
• What you are going to do in this assignment
• A description of the various components of the genogram
• A description of the various components and ecomap
• Value of Genogram to the family nursing assessment
• Value of Ecomap to the family nursing assessment
• Summarise the assignment
• This is not opinion writing, need scholarly evidence and proper
citation for your writing throughout the paper
• Maximum of 3 pages (excluding the title page, references, and
• Use APA 7 th Edition format in your assignment.
• Demonstrate critical analysis and synthesis of content and
ensure writing is succinct and clear in your assignment.
• Reference sources should always include peer reviewed journal
articles not older than 10 years