Sample Healthcare Paper on congenital iodine-deficiency

Please fill out the blanks with the answer or answer the question   1 through 6

  1. Codes with three digits are included in ICD-10-CM as the heading of a/an
    ____________________ of codes.
  2. For reporting purposes, only codes are permissible, not categories or subcategories, and
    any applicable ____________________ character is required.


  1. To select an ICD-10-CM code, first locate the main term in the ICD-10-CM Index to
    Diseases and Injuries and then verify the code in the ____________________.
  2. Mr. Freeze sees the nephrologist for a B-12 injection to treat erythropoietin-resistant
    anemia due to stage 3 chronic kidney disease. What ICD-10-CM code(s) is/are
  3. A lab screening for a 2-day-old male shows congenital iodine-deficiency
    hypothyroidism. What ICD-10-CM code(s) is/are reported?
  4. A 21-year-old male is brought into the ED by his father who states that his son is
    dizzy and has anxiety. The ED provider runs a drug screen test, and the test comes
    back positive for marijuana use. The final diagnosis is documented as marijuana
    abuse with anxiety disorder. What ICD-10-CM code is reported?