Sample Healthcare Paper on Benefits of Smartcard in Health Care Centers

Benefits of Smartcard in Health Care Centers

Integration of smart cards is an essential part of hospital automation systems as it benefits patients, doctors, and the administration of the hospital. One of the main benefits that patients get from the use of a smart card is that the automation of systems increases the speed and accuracy of knowledge circulation which leads to better services.  Hospitals normally store information of their patients. Using the smartcard, the health center personnel can retrieve information from the patient very fast. The information stored contains the medical details of the patient. For instance, it contains the drugs that the patient has been using, using this automated system the doctor will also know other diseases that the patient suffers from. With this information, time spent in the consultation room is drastically reduced. Thus, the patient will get services immediately (Kelly, 2000).

Doctors also benefit a lot when their patients are using smart cards. For example, smart cards are capable of storing a large amount of information about the sick person, they are portable, and the doctor can just put it into a pocket. Conventionally the doctors used to carry huge files that were cumbersome to carry (Emmet & Bundy, 2005). By eliminating the paperwork, the doctor can be able to many patients.

As in other fields use of smart cards in hospitals is very popular because they help the administration of the hospital to be more efficient and helps the management to access data fast and in real-time. Smart cards make it easy to monitor the number of patients who visited the facility, their gender, their age, the diseases they are suffering from, and the duration of time they were in the facility without going through numerous files (Anju, Rama & Sunitha, 2012). One person can do all these, so it also helps them to cut the operating cost down.



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