Sample Healthcare Paper on Behavior Change Journal Entry

Regular dental healthcare is an important part of the normal healthcare routine that people should practice. Regular dental care is particularly important to me because of my career as a dental hygienist. While most people do not believe in investing in dental health, I believe there is a need to spread more awareness about the importance of seeking these services.

I participate in regular dental checkup and have a daily dental hygiene routine, which I engage in because I believe that prevention of dental diseases is easier and less costly than cure. According to survey conducted by the WHO, approximately half of the world population suffers from different dental conditions. They also reported that severe tooth loss and lack of natural teeth was one of the leading causes of years lived with disabilities. Dental treatment was also viewed as averaging 5% of the total expenditure directed towards health (WHO, 2018; Thompson, Cooney, Lawrence, Ravaghi, & Quinonez, 2014). My behavior depends mostly on my knowledge about dental health and partially on my attitude towards overall healthcare.

Some of the attitudes that I consider important include the willingness to follow guidelines provided by dental health professions on oral health and having a positive attitude towards maintaining an effective oral care routine. Factors that could influence the adoption of these attitudes include having the knowledge about oral health and having access to oral healthcare professionals. Having the knowledge about oral healthcare enables people to apply it in their daily lives while having access to healthcare professions in this field promotes their ability to seek oral care services.

Currently, I think I am in the performing stage of change due to my commitment to my oral health. Some of the processes that could help me to move forward include gaining more knowledge about oral health and participating in more workshops and training programs related to oral health. I do not think fear appeal campaigns would be helpful in helping me engaging in better oral care because my knowledge in this area and my experience as an oral hygienists has equipped me with knowledge and improved my attitude towards oral care.



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