Sample Healthcare Paper on Asian American Student, Mental Health Issues

Students will synthesize current research related to structured inequalities experienced by a particular diverse group in the U.S. Students will also describe stressors and health consequences related to the inequalities identified. The group selected should represent one or more of the following characteristics: race, ethnicity, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and age. Students will discuss important research findings and the implications of these findings in a review paper (4-6 pages, double-spaced), citing a minimum of five (5) academic peer-reviewed journals. Papers should include a synopsis, analysis, and application of current research as reported in the literature. In addition, papers should address the impact of inequities/stressors from a physiological, psychological, or emotional perspective. Social actions and behavioral interventions for reducing/eliminating inequities and related stressors and health consequences must also be addressed. Evaluation criteria include the following: (a) identification of ethnic/cultural group, structured inequalities association with selected ethnic/cultural group, political, historical, economic, and/or social processes that have produced diversity, equality and/or structured inequality, related stressors and health consequences, and constructive individual/social action(s) that have led to greater equality and social injustice; (b) synthesis, critical analysis and application of the literature; (c) adherence to the assignment guidelines; (d) citations, references, and format; (e) syntax, grammar, and spelling; (f) originality and creativity.

My topic is Asian American Student, Mental Health Issues, Ages 18-25 years old. However my professor mentioned that I need to choose a gender different than my own.