Sample Healthcare Paper on America and Guns

America and Guns

More people own guns in the United States today. The increase in gun ownership has been influenced by increased crime rates, the need to protect oneself and one’s family, and the availability of laws that allow people to own guns. Improper use of guns or the acquisition of guns that are not registered has contributed to misuse of guns, whether accidentally or intentionally. In the U.S., guns account for more than 30,000 deaths annually. Thus, there is a need to control gun ownership and use.

Based on the video, the need for collecting artifacts has also influenced the ownership of guns in the country. The presenter in the video states that he bought himself a 1903 A4 gun that was used in World War II. While he can use the gun for hunting and other purposes, people who value the history behind such products commonly buy such guns as artifacts. Gun ownership also depends on the residential location and the state of the country. A county’s political status also affects the rate of gun purchases (MarksmanTV, 2018). Republican-dominated states, for instance, have been seen to have a higher likelihood of owning guns as compared to Democrat-dominated regions.

Most of the people who own guns include those who grew up in families that had firearms, those involved in hunting activities, and individuals belonging to the middle- and upper-class. Proper training on gun usage and the availability of instructions on proper care, storage, and transportation of guns also prevent their misuse (America and Its Guns: Chapter 1). Improper use of guns can also occur among well-intentioned adults who are skilled in handling firearms. Gun usage, therefore, should be monitored to reduce the risks of misuse and gun-related crimes. The availability of laws that govern gun ownership and the need to register guns after purchase promote proper gun use.


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