Sample Healthcare Paper on Alaska Primary Care Association

Alaska Primary Care Association (APCA) is a non-governmental organization that aims to improve the health statuses of its members through policy surveillance and dissemination, analysis of health policies, as well as creating awareness on the policies. The association’s mission is to “create healthy communities in Alaska through the support of vibrant and effective community health centers”. the main barriers to APCA’s mission include the growth of uninsured population, increasing health costs, and increase in the number of Alaskan elder persons on Medicare. Since the organization is an NGO, financial constrain is the main internal barrier in achieving its mission. The external barriers are; one, the increase in health costs makes delivery of services at the original prices hard. Two,  the number of uninsured and Medicare-eligible patients hinder the delivery of quality care due to scarce healthcare personnel to deliver care at a minimum fee. Therefore, the mentioned factors hinder the organization in achieving its mission.

Organizational values

An organization’s mission, vision and values are important in giving a sense of direction to its employees. Foremost, understanding the organizational characteristic helps an employee to know what is expected of them, such as role and behavioral prospects. “The role of mission, vision and values (n.d) notes that firms with widely understood missions and visions perform better in achieving higher employee morale. When employees understand the values of the firm, they are able to align their work towards achieving the firm’s vision. Moreover, being able to articulate the organizational values shows that an employee understands the organization’s mandate. As such the employee is ready to be identified with the organization.



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