Sample Healthcare Paper on Affordable Healthcare

How do I feel that the United States could do better at delivering healthcare?

To improve and enhance delivering affordable, lower cost and better cost, the U.S government should consider implementing several principles, according to a report by the American Hospital Association.

  1. Centre every American citizen in the healthcare system
  2. A system should be developed for ensuring care coordination and management
  3. Incorporate social health and behavioural health determinants into the healthcare equation
  4. A collaborative leadership is essential for good health of all Americans
  5. Align the community with the care delivery

Should the same level of care be available to all, or do you agree health insurance is something you think people should pay for individually?

I believe that the same level of care should be available to all. 28.6 million Americans in the country lack health insurance. Among the 90.6% who have access to insurance, only 50.8% have privatized insurance while 30.7% have government-sponsored coverage through Medicare and Medicaid programs. The United States is only the country among the 38 OECD (Organizations for Economic Development and Co-operation) countries that does not have universal healthcare coverage either by constitutional right or in practice. Being the richest nation, United States should provide for accessibility to healthcare of everyone (Butler, 2010). A right to healthcare would help to improve public health, stop medical bankruptcy, boost small businesses, and reduce over-spending on healthcare.

The Declaration of Independence is cognizance of healthcare for every American. It states that “all men have unalienable rights; among these being the right to Life, the pursuit of happiness and liberty, and this entails the right to healthcare (Butler, 2010). The spirit of the U.S. Constitution is to pursue happiness and protect lives, and this can be achieved by providing healthcare to all.

Do you think the root of the problem might lie in the medical field itself?

No, the root of the problem does not life in the medical field. The problem lies with the federal government because it is mandated by the U.S. Constitution and other relevant laws to protect and preserve rights of its citizens. In other words, the right to promoting affordable and quality health care is a mandate of the U.S government, and not the medical field (Obama, 2018). If the medical field was well equipped with resources, it could be possible to implement the right to healthcare.




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