Sample Healthcare Paper on Advantages of Obamacare

The article is about available health insurance options that Americans who do not want to enroll in Obamacare have. The article points out the advantages of Obamacare in comparison with other health insurance options to help Americans make informed decisions. Something good is that Obamacare appears to be more flexible and appealing to many Americans as it has various payment plans that can fit the different earning powers and needs of Americans. The article also reminds Americans of tax credits that they are likely to get if they enroll in a health cover of their choice. In short, the article presents the various benefits of a health cover and urges Americans to choose a health insurance cover that can meet their needs.

The article relates to the lecture since it talks about insurance. Our lecture had touched on various aspects of insurance, which include the significance of insurance in the lives of people. Our lecture also looked at how medical insurance can help Americans meet their healthcare costs. It also highlighted how those who do not have medical insurance could enroll in Obamacare as it caters for all people.

The reason for choosing this article is that it has highlighted the benefits and challenges that people are likely to encounter by enrolling for medical insurance. Among the benefits include choosing a scheme that one can afford. More so, the article calls upon all people to enroll in a health insurance plan so that it can take care of health uncertainties that may come their way. Among the challenges highlighted include the ignorance of many people towards insurance, which makes them not bother buying insurance that can help them in times of need.

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