Sample Healthcare Paper on a technology-driven solution

Develop a technology-driven solution that helps clinicians prescribe/dispense opioid prescriptions in
a patient-centered, evidence-based modality, that takes into account how to mitigate the risk of
adverse drug events, and balancing access to appropriate care.

Could be an APP or any technology (be creative!)

Include Funding, who it would be proposed to, a problem a solution.

Problem: Pt can be overwhelmed with information about their disease state
and medication.
○ Patients struggle to reach out for help if any addiction is developing
○ Pt. forget their consultation with their doctor and pharmacist
■ They would call the doctor’s office or pharmacist

● Solution: Create an app that provides education to patients about their
disease state and medication
● Patients would have to make an account and enter their medical history, with
medical professionals such as doctors/ pharmacists etc having to register.
● So they would get specific educational information about their disease state
and counseling about drugs. content-verified for accuracy, cohesiveness by the medical professional