Sample Healthcare Leadership Philosophy Paper

Leadership is defined as the ability and power of a person to lead a group of people. I firmly believe that it requires the right focus and determination to have an impact on the lives of others. To emulate the exemplary leadership exhibited by leaders such as Florence Nightingale, imbibing certain values are of paramount importance. One of the most important values regarding healthcare leadership is commitment. For instance, Nightingale was committed to caring for others despite the intolerable working conditions she used to encounter on several occasions. Also, showing respect for others is important in healthcare leadership. Again, to take the example of Nightingale, she respected others and effectively connected and worked with her colleagues. Honesty is another vital attribute as was showcased by Nightingale. She proved this by making demands for the improvement of sanitary conditions at military hospitals before delivering medical services.

To effectively carry out my responsibilities, I believe that courage is vital. As a good healthcare leader, I will not allow the execution of my responsibilities to be hampered by others’ negative views about my leadership skills. Moreover, teamwork is important in the nursing practice. Hence, through effective communication I will engage all my colleagues in the delivery of quality healthcare services and effective leadership skills. Additionally, trust and positive attitude would be my leadership priorities in the execution of my responsibilities.

Apart from these, my precedence will be to build proper communication in order to nurture excellent interpersonal relationship with colleagues which will play a key role in providing a better working environment to facilitate the delivery of quality services to the patients. I will also ensure commitment when trying to provide the needed help to the stakeholders. Furthermore, by employing motivational strategies I will encourage fellow healthcare providers to be committed and devoted to their work without overemphasizing the compensation or rewards they receive in return.

To achieve my organization’s desired outcomes, I will expect my colleagues to appreciate the fact that empathy and awareness are crucial in healthcare field.  I will achieve this by observing the way they provide care to patients and the response of the latter to the care delivered to them. As a leader, I will give prime importance to the feedback from my team as well as the patients. Also, I expect my fellow workers to be disciplined and respectful to their work partners and patients. I plan to evaluate this by supervising the day-to-day interactions among the healthcare professionals as well as between care providers and patients. Besides, I will encourage leadership skills and loyalty of the teammates. Additionally, as a leader, I will make effective demands to the organization’s top management to provide favorable working conditions to the staff. I will also focus on creating conducive environment for every stakeholder, thereby ensuring job satisfaction for the staff members as well as improved patient outcomes.

Effective leadership is showcased through an individual’s behavior.  Hence, a leadership theory that I feel connected with and inclined to adopt is the Behavioral theory of leadership. The theory states that individuals’ behavior is the best indicator of their leadership traits. For instance, a leader with positive behavior is likely to establish a successful organization in the long run. I, for instance, possess a penchant for honest interactions with colleagues. Besides, commitment to my responsibilities and respect for others are parts of my nature. An evaluation of the qualities and skills that I possess employing the Behavioral theory of leadership makes me confident that I am destined to be a successful leader in the field of health care.