Sample Healthcare Essays on Healthcare Information Technologies

Advances in healthcare technology have contributed to the development of high-tech applications, equipment, and software programs that improve health informatics while at the same time increasing people’s fears regarding cybersecurity threats and the safety of patients’ information. the increased publication of health technology information has led me to develop an interest in reading and keeping up with the healthcare technologies being launched.

Over the last year, I have been involved in the top healthcare IT stories mainly as a consumer of published healthcare information and user of some of the technologies addressed in these publications. Reading published information about recent advances in technology and their application in healthcare has promoted my understanding of their use, the healthcare problems that they focus on addressing, and the future improvements after their implementation. For instance, over the past year, I have learned about advances in technologies, like disinfecting robots and the advances in telehealth, which are implemented to improve patients’ outcomes (Monegain). My increased consumption of published information about advances in technology does not surprise me because the availability of the internet has increased access to such information.

The article that surprised me the most was “CMS lays out vision for stage 3 meaningful use” by Mike Miliard. What surprises me is the advances in making technology more meaningful, simpler, and practical for everyone through the “Stage 3 Meaningful Use Regulation” introduced in 2015. Recent technologies have been characterized by increased use of complicated programs that might be challenging for healthcare practitioners and patients to use (Miliard). The move to make these technologies simpler and meaningful comes at a time that might resolve the challenge facing some healthcare practitioners in understanding the application of advanced technologies in healthcare.

I think making healthcare technology more meaningful and simpler will increase healthcare practitioners’ willingness to apply these technologies in their practice. It will also reduce the risks of medication errors through simplified e-prescribing techniques. Simplifying these technologies will also improve patients’ access to their data.



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