Sample Healthcare Case Study on Mental Health Disorder

The mention of mental illness seems to make my hair stand on end. This reaction is mainly because of the stereotype thinking passed on to me by the social media that these persons are crazy and demented. The horror movies I have watched over the years only supplement this perception given most of these movies associate mental illnesses with zombies and sadistic irrational killers. As a result of this opinion, avoid mental institutions and mentally ill persons. In the event that I run into one of them, the first thought that comes to mind is flee and avoid any contact. Most mentally ill individuals that I have seen don’t look attractive; they look disorderly, others scary, and others in need of dire help. However, it would be a wrong hypothesis to claim they all look scary or disorderly, since some look the opposite of these (“Mental Health Myths and Facts” 2013). These patients act abnormally, they seem to do acts considered morally unacceptable such as removing their clothes and running nude on the streets.

The most ready source of information about mental illness is social media where countless numbers of videos involving these persons are posted on a daily basis. The movies watched also seem to pass some message about these patients though unfounded in most cases. I prefer the internet especially mental illness organizations that are certified and accredited such as the American Psychiatric Association (APA).

The article found on newspapers and news channels can be both educative and misleading. While some contain information that is factual and true, other peddle misconceptions and lies. Common misconceptions peddled by some articles include ideas such as people with mental illness are always violent and unpredictable hence dangerous, people with mental illness need to be locked away in mental institutions, and mental illness does not affect the youth and children (Falde, 2015). Fortunately or unfortunately I do not know anyone with a mental disorder.


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